Investment Manager Selection and OCIO Selection

Concord’s Investment Strategy Group works to identify the most cost effective and best-in-class managers for all asset classes. Both active and passive (index) managers are utilized depending on the specific client’s mandate. Concord employs an open architecture environment; there is no manager “platform” and managers are not charged for inclusion in searches. Prospective managers are identified via selection screens run from both internal and external databases utilizing both quantitative and qualitative criteria. The quantitative criteria include items such as long-term performance, consistency of returns, risk characteristics, up market/down market capture, active share and average margin of performance versus benchmarks. The qualitative criteria include strength of personnel, structure of investment process, client servicing capabilities and pricing.

Concord possesses OCIO industry expertise while maintaining a large database of OICO providers. Concord will oversee the RFP process for an outsourced investment program. This includes conferring with the Client to determine preferences and expectations of the request for proposal (RFP) process; analyzing the current investment program to determine structural details that may affect candidate selection; reviewing the RFP responses for completeness and comparability, including contacting and retrieving additional data from all RFP candidates where necessary; evaluate all RFP candidates and deliver a comparable summary review for assistance in selecting final candidates to interview; assist in the negotiation of all fees.