Concord is a stable and growing organization that encourages individuals to achieve their greatest potential. In today’s rapidly changing workplace, continuous personal growth and ongoing learning are crucial for professional success and career satisfaction. This growth is a two-way street, with Concord providing training and learning opportunities, and our associates providing the intellectual curiosity, thirst and drive for professional development. Employees have access to the upper echelons of decision makers in the investment management field and work together as one team to accomplish Concord’s mission.



Concord operates based on the founding principle of “the agreement of interests” between Concord and our clients. The morals of fairness and openness are adhered to with all interested parties: clients, associates, vendors and shareholders. We face the challenges of our industry and business with the intellectual integrity to continually test the underlying assumptions upon which we operate.


Concord must provide solutions to complex investment challenges. The success of our advice and counsel to our clients rests on our ability to research, communicate and implement our recommendations.


Concord and all of our associates are deeply committed to our clients’ success in operating their investment management programs. Success will be achieved via a commitment to: 1) putting client interests’ first, 2) the ongoing professional development of our associates, 3) continually improving the efficiency of Concord operations.

We accept resumes throughout the year for the following positions:


Concord consultants are highly engaged in servicing our clients.  Responsibilities include onsite presentations, asset class and multiple manager research, strategic planning, providing advice on market events, developing board education materials and client portfolio oversight.  Consultants also network with the investment management community to stay abreast of news and maintain relationships with best in class providers.

Portfolio Analyst

Concord’s analysts are responsible for portfolio oversight for an assigned number of client portfolios. This includes collecting client data and inputting portfolio balances, transactions, and holdings into Concord’s proprietary performance system on a monthly basis. Analysts produce electronic and printed reports for client review. The Analyst interacts with investment managers, bank custodians, and senior members of the firm. Successful Analysts are highly organized, efficient, detail-oriented, and able to meet tight deadlines.

Research Associates

The research associates analyze drivers of asset class performance and perform due diligence on portfolio managers.  Broad investment market research is required for identifying innovative and best in class strategies for clients. Associates are responsible for summarizing and communicating investment market and manager news to the Investment Strategy Group. Associates conduct on going investment manager meetings and strategy analysis. Researchers work as a team with Concord consultants to develop various client materials and to communicate their analysis for report publication and client distribution.

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