Corporate / Insurance

The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd. provides corporate clients with investment consulting services directly related to operating assets, sponsored retirement plans (both defined benefit and defined contribution), and insurance company reserve portfolios. Our clients will attest to Concord’s high-level of expertise in all matters relating to the investment management processes of insurance clients, including the ability to provide advice from the perspective of an operating organization with sensitivity to important financial and liquidity metrics. Concord is prepared to assist clients with the oversight and monitoring functions demanded by regulatory agencies. Concord uses a comprehensive approach to designing insurance investment programs, one that considers the financial position of the organization, including company liabilities and surpluses. Recommendations are not driven purely by market conditions, but by a combination of market conditions and the organization’s financial outlook.

The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd. provides the leadership and experience to assist corporate managers to maximize the performance of their organization’s investment assets. Concord’s strategic advice is customized to specifically meet your corporate needs.

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